Learn English Online

we at English Vip will take your hand and teach you English

We most care about the final results and luck shouldn’t come into it. So, we have prepared everything for you and we brought teachers from the USA to teach you the English language via online live broadcast at any time that suits you and fit your daily schedule. Here at the English - VIP Academy, we will help you to pass the English language levels from scratch to use it fluently.

How to Learn English

steps of learning English at English Vip Academy


Before starting to learn English, we prefer to test your English language level through a professional English language proficiency test. After evaluating your level, we will be able to create a learning environment according to your needs, such as the teacher and the class which are best for you.

The level exam helps you to adapt quickly to the learning environment.
The specialists from our technical department will prepare your educational environment and your classes. All you have to do is sit and watch the class then you are ready to start.

To make sure you are able to use the educational tools in an excellent way, we will provide free classes on how to use tools such as the electronic pen and board, and making sure that the microphone works well and you are able to communicate with the teacher without any problems.
After preparing the educational environment and make sure you are able to use all the tools, you start the first class with the teacher selected via a live broadcast, and you introduce yourselves quickly then the teacher starts to explain the material according to the times decided by the teacher and you.

During the class, you will be able to communicate with the teacher via audio and video. You’ll be free to share your personal photo or not.