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We have developed all of our programs to be up to date with the latest Tele-learning/ Distance learning techniques. While using our programs, you can see the teacher face to face, and the teacher uses an interactive white board to explain the lesson and gives you permission to use all the tools in the session.
The teacher will upload the educational material in a folder form, which will make it easier for you to go back to the material and study it again whenever you want. In addition, you’ll find the sessions recorded in a video form whenever you need them.
95% of the academies and universities around the world use similar techniques, what about you! Are you still learning in the traditional ways? Join us and learn from your house or office!

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American and British teachers

Be sure that you will learn! How not, and you learn with English language specialists for non-native speakers? The teacher are native English speakers from countries like America and the United Kingdom, thus, you’ll earn the American accent.
Do you know that 94% of our students mastered the American accent, and that 98% of the students started speaking English after 5 months only! This all goes to their self-confidence, the great teachers, and our distinctive education system.
Do not hesitate! Register in one of our courses, especially the conversation course, in order for you to take a step further in your life. Remember that the whole world today speaks English, and that's why we're here. Register with us now.

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Amber Howard

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English Teacher

Special Education Service VIP!

There are many online websites to teach English, and they’re all good enough. Why to choose us? Why to choose the VIP service?
VIP service is a special service that we offer to all our students and businessmen who learn with us and through our systems. That Include:

  • Complete confidentiality of the student's data, known only by the teacher and the academy.
  • No more than 5 students are placed in a group classes.
  • Special prices for combined classes made for relatives and friends.
  • A supervisor is available for each student to follow up on his academic and financial affairs.
  • Measuring students’ level through accurate examinations done by the Academy.
  • Keeping pace with the level of students by modifying the curriculum and educational material.
  • دSpecial courses are available for businessmen and individual in accordance with his work.
  • Find out more about VIP services
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some of our students testimonials after they tried our services

اسامة السكري طالب لغة انجليزية

Osama Sukari

College student
"I studied in the English-VIP Academy and took the English conversation course. English was my biggest problem, I did not expect to be able to pronounce correctly and fluency while speaking in English. Now, I can speak in English with the native speakers"
منى حاتم طالبة لدى معهد انجلش في اي بي

Muna Hatem

Bank employee
"Honestly, I noticed that my English language has improved at the end of the foundation course in the English-VIP Academy. At first, I thought I was wasting my time but I actually benefited in learning the basics of English, and I’m willing to take the conversation course now.
امير الشلبي طالب في معهد انجلش في اي بي

Ameer Al-shalabe

"I just want to say that the academy is very helpful and they did everything they can, and helped me develop my language. I appreciate the teacher's efforts and the fact the they answered my questions even after the lecture"
اسامة السكري طالب لغة انجليزي

Hasan Delkay

"My name is Hasan Al-Delkay, I am from Jordan. I have a blog where I write articles. I registered for the grammar course and after I used to write my articles in Arabic, Now, thank God and surely thanks to English-VIP Academy I write them in English too.
عمر طه طالب لدي معهد انجلش في اي بي

Omar Taha

IT Employee
“  I still Learn English at English VIP Academy and I joined the the interactive English course and i really eagerly wait for the next class with teacher sally

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